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Replacing consumables

Replacing brake pads

Replace the brake pads.

We recommend replacing brake pads every 5000-6000 kilometers, depending on the class of the motorcycle and the condition of the brake pads. These figures are very arbitrary, since There are many brake pad manufacturers on the market, & nbsp; they are all of different quality, and the driving style and class of the motorcycle are different. We recommend & nbsp; change your brake pads when the remainder of the pads is about 1-2 millimeters of the working surface.

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What is the difference between brake pads?

The quality of the brake pads is, first of all, your safety on the road. Brake pads from reliable and trusted manufacturers affect not only their durability, but also the braking efficiency. There are a number of proven companies on the market that produce brake pads such as; EBC, SBS, DP, Ferodo, Versah. We always recommend not to skimp on safety and use only proven brake pads.

Please note that now there are many Chinese pads and all kinds of fakes on the market, pay attention to this when choosing pads.

We will gladly help you with the replacement of brake pads in Kiev, quickly and efficiently, and most importantly not expensive, we will carry out a professional replacement of brake pads.

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When replacing brake pads, it is imperative to bleed the brakes several times after replacing the pads. If you forget about this, then the first few taps on the brake levers will be idle. To avoid an accident, never forget about this if you have replaced the brake pads yourself.