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Air filter maintenance and replacement

Maintenance and replacement of motorcycle air filter

Cleaning and caring for the air filter & nbsp; is always the key to the reliable operation of your motorcycle engine. Stable and smooth running of your motorcycle engine is one of the hallmarks of a clean filter on your motorcycle. In our MOTO STO, you can always replace or clean the air filter in Kiev, at no extra cost, quickly and efficiently!

Never forget to clean and change the air filter of your motorcycle in a timely manner, otherwise you will have & nbsp; instead of a simple and inexpensive filter replacement, you will have to change an expensive engine!

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Air & ndash; it is one of the most important components of your motorcycle's air-fuel system, which is responsible for the quality of the fuel mixture and, as a result, the stability of your motorcycle. The combustible mixture that enters the motorcycle cylinder ignites, making the engine run and giving you the pleasure of riding your motorcycle. A dirty or clogged air filter allows air to pass very poorly, which makes the fuel mixture richer and therefore less efficient, which can lead to high gas mileage and a drop in engine power.

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How often should the motorcycle air filter be cleaned?

It is impossible to accurately answer this question, since it all depends on which roads you drive. Sand, road dust, midges and beetles & hellip; this will clog your motorcycle's air filter and render it unusable.

Depending on the type of filter, methods of cleaning it may be different, there are: dry paper (disposable), dry foam rubber, oil-impregnated foam rubber and zero resistance filters.

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Let's start with the simplest type of filter, paper.

Paper filter & ndash; disposable!

With a disposable motorcycle air filter, everything is very simple, if it gets dirty, you bought a new one, threw out the old one and forgot about this problem for a while. If you have not taken care of the new filter in advance and ordered it from the dealer, while the new air filter is coming to you, you can extend the life of the old filter by cleaning it with compressed air, but unfortunately, only external dirt can be cleaned, so this will only delay its replacement a little.

Most often, we always have air filters for the most common motorcycle models in stock, so it won't take long to replace the air filter.

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Cleaning and replacing other types of filters, such as dry foam, oil-impregnated foam and zero resistance filters, should be done differently. We recommend that you contact the specialists with this question in our MOTO STO in Kiev.

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Always keep your air filter clean and your motorcycle engine will serve you faithfully.