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Motorbike 2011
Motorbike 2011

The International Motor Show will take place in Kiev on April 7-10. Our workshop will take an active part in it. During the days of the exhibition - the workshop will not work!

Motobike 2011 will include:

- Performance of athletes in stunt riding;
- Test drives;
- Custom / Retro Show;
- Freestyle from famous European athletes;
- Travel of bikers across Kiev, followed by a stop at the IEC in support of the exhibition with a separate parking lot;
- Drawings with prizes and gifts from participating companies and organizers.

For the first time in the framework of the VII International specialized exhibition "Motobike 2011", demonstration performances on freestyle will be held. The bright and unforgettable performance of world-famous athletes will attract a huge number of fans both to the show and to the exhibition itself. The performance of the athletes will be held for 2 days (Friday, Saturday).

Demonstration performances on stunt riding will be held within the framework of the Motobike2011 exhibition. The performance of teams from Ukraine, Russia and Latvia is planned During 2 working days of the exhibition - 4 demonstration performances (2 working days for 2 full 30-40 minute performances, the final one is the culmination). During breaks - "rolling", demonstration of technology and communication with the public.

Within the framework of the exhibition "Motobike 2011" the organizers will provide an excellent opportunity to present their equipment in practice to potential customers. Specially equipped areas (of various shapes) for test drives will be located near the entrance to the exhibition complex. Test drives will be conducted under the guidance of motorcycle riding coaches. The presence of an ambulance. Participating companies have the opportunity to brand sites.

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